About Us:


Real Talk Male Mentoring Program is a division of Empowered Families, Inc. We are a faith-based non-profit organization which focuses on family empowerment.(www.Empoweredfams.org)

About the Program

Real Talk M.M.P. is a free program that is geared towards helping young men deal with and discuss the issues that plague them in their everyday lives be it at home, school, in the community, etc. One of the greatest problems we face today with our young men is that many of them have no fathers or positive male role models in their lives to help nurture them through the changes they have to go through to become a man. And because the father figure is not there, they turn to the streets to be their guide.

The aim of Real Talk M.M.P. is to set an environment, unlike the traditional class/teacher environment, we will work to create an atmosphere where young men feel comfortable talking about their issues. This setting will produce an openness where we are able to be transparent in the sharing of our lives, which will give us an opportunity to help these young men through their situations.

Our curriculum will teach life skills, leadership, and purpose. Some of the topics in our curriculum will deal with subjects such as self-esteem, peer pressure, drugs & alcohol, sex, anger, health etc. We will also participate in community outreach projects throughout Gwinnett County. We will also go on various trips through out the program. Free lunch is also provided to participants.