Keith Johnakin - Founder

Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn, NY without a father or positive male role model, I began to have sex, use drugs and commit crimes at an early age. I never understood that God had placed me on this earth with a purpose. Around the age of 13 yrs old, I was at a point in my life where I was looking for something. Whatever I was around is what I would become. Just so happen I was around people that were up to no good which lead me down the wrong path. Because of this I had kids at an early age. I began selling & using drugs which led to a drug addiction. I also began doing other crimes which caused me to spend time in prison. I thank God that he delivered me from this life style. One of my goals now is to divert young guys from traveling down the road that I did. Just like I reached a point in my life where I was looking for something, I believe that there is a point in every young mans life where they are looking for something to be a part of. This is why they gravitate to gangs, crime and street life. At Real Talk, we want to be that something they are looking for! A place where they can come and talk with other men and receive the help and guidance they need.

Attended Clinton Community College, First Aid & CPR certified, Certified Class Facilitator, currently pursuing certification for Biblical Counseling from Light University.

Kenneth Slack - Group Leader

Kenneth is a south Georgia native. He was born and raised in Waycross Georgia. After graduating Waycross High School, he attend Southern Technical College in Marietta Georgia. Kenneth began his civic volunteering career early in life while growing up in Waycross. He was a member of the Junior Usher Board at his local church. He also served as the president of the youth group, assistance secretary of the Sunday School, assistance Superintendant of the Sunday School, and a vacation Bible School Teacher. While attending Southern Tech, he was a member of the local chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) , Black Student Association (BSA), and a mentor with the Boys Club of Marietta.

Kenneth was blessed to be born into a family with several strong male role models. As a child, the male influences in his life included his father, two (2) grandfathers, a great-grandfather, two (2) uncles, and several men and older boys in the community. Kenneth understands the impact of being surrounded by strong men as a young man. By volunteering as a mentor with Real Talk, he wants to pass along all of the privileges he enjoyed and benefited from as a young man. Kenneth is dedicated to giving back to the community by building personal relationships.

Darren Tooson - Group Leader

Darren Tooson was raised in the small town of Moundville, Alabama and attended Hale County High. While attending high school, he excelled in music and academics and received numerous scholarships to include music and ROTC. During his junior year of high school, Darren joined the Army Reserve and attended basic training at Fort McClellan, Alabama. After basic training, he attended Mercer University in Macon, Georgia on a three year Army ROTC scholarship. He majored in pre-law while at Mercer. During his military career, Darren was based at Fort Meade, Maryland where he served as a patrolman for six months. He was selected for a joint drug taskforce consisting of military personnel, county police and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Following his duty in the military, Darren returned to Alabama to become a truck driver.

Darren is currently married to the love of his life, and they have two wonderful sons. Darren is a member of Victory World Church where he volunteers on the pastors security team. Darren is involved in many extra curricular activities including, assistant scout master of troop 503, and Christian martial artist studying Tae Soo Do at Hebron School of Martial Arts. Professionally he works as a security guard at Georgia Gwinnett College.

As a Real Talk group leader, Darren enjoys working with the mentorship program providing a strong positive male role model to young boys without father figures in their lives. ''I have a strong passion to see our young men succeed and want to encourage and help as much as possible.''